eLearning Solution

Content Developement to Classroom Setup

ASCOSYS offers diverse e-learning services to organizations across the country. We pride ourselves in creating innovative e-learning solutions and building learner appropriate strategies, which stand tall on the strong base of technology and research.

custom e-learning development


ASCOSYS helps create unique e-learning solutions tailored for a learner's specific needs.

rapid authoring


Rapid Authoring Tools helps save time by providing the solution to develop e-learning content for immediate training needs.

translation and localization


ASCOSYS offers translation and language services to convert knowledge resources into multiple languages and dialects.

instructor led training

Instructor Led

We help make an instructor-led training visually appealing, technology-driven, interactive and instructionally richer.

game based learning


Developing complete courses on a gaming platform or short games incorporated into regular e-learning courses, we are a one-stop shop for this and similar kind of project.

mobile learning


ASCOSYS has extensive experience of creating m-learning content for multi-device delivery and uniform viewing experience on varied mobile operating systems.



ASCOSYS's domain-specific Learning Consultants help organizations with pre-need analysis as well as audit existing training scenario to create effective training design.

online learning courses


Online courses developed by our panel of subject matter experts provide a range of readymade online courses for rapid consumption. It is fast and stable.

Content Development

Custom as Per Requiremet

We develop content as required. Every institution has its unique style of teaching. Books followed by schools and teaching techniques followed may differs. Respecting this uniqueness, we are helping institutions to develop their e content. We act as a technical service provider and offer our consultancy services.

eLearning Infrastructure

Institutional & Private

Smart class is one of the common setups for schools now a days.
We are proud to provide both content and hardware solution for creating smart class. Submit your requirements for customised solutions.

eLearning Cources

Readymade Cources

We started on 19th September 2021.
Commercial sale for Assam for 2022-23 batch.
Marathi medium for Maharashtra board will be available from April 2022.